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* Mondo Macabro is a horror cinema community for serious fans of horror films including Euro Horror, Hammer Horror, Asian Horror, Mexican Horror, Classic Universal Horror, Silent Horror and Indy Arthouse Horror films as well as various b-movie madness. Chatting about mainstream American horror films such as Scream & Cabin Fever, as well as re-makes is tolerated but not really encouraged since there's lots of other lj horror film communtiies for that.

* Mondo Macabro encourages opinionated and high-brow (a.k.a. pretentious) discussions of horror cinema, as well as casual chat about new DVD releases & movie reviews, participation by horror film makers, long-time horror fans and interested newcomers. Long informative posts and the sharing of photos is also welcome. If you post more than one image please use a lj cut!

* Mondo Macabro discourages thoughtless repetitive posts, spoilers, flamming, lurkers and SPAM such as quizzes, community promos, ETC. If you spam this community your post will be deleted. If you do it again - you will be deleted from the community.

Don't mind subtitles? Like watching black and white films? Looking for information on rare hard-to-find movies? Do you think Mario Bava and Val Lewton were geniuses? Do you know that there's more to Asian horror films than "Ringu" (aka The Ring)? Then this community might be for you!

Check out the community "Memories" for community member movie reviews, film festival news, poll results, etc.

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